Understanding Adaptation & Evolution in Rotifers, White fly and Coronavirus

Understanding evolution using example of Virus. Today it was discussed that Rotifers can evolve through horizontal gene transfer. Where the Rotifers diversify by taking up genes and adapting to its suroundings. The same thing happens in White fly which takes up genes through horizontal gene transfer from plant to get adapted and immune to plant virus. The quetsion emerged how does gene transfer from plant to white fly? It was explained that through virus this gene transfer happens.

The discussion went to connect with Coronavirus, which also evolves and forms new variants quite often. It was explained by @Ichha that as virus replicates faster there is more chance of mutation in virus than in white fly or moth which doesnt replicates so much faster. The same way how coronavirus mutates and adapted and overcome immunity, it is evolving, same way white fly also takes up genes through horizontal gene transfer from viruses and get adapted to plant toxin.

The discussion helped to understand similar process of evolution in different organisms and understand process of evolution.

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