Visit to Tamarind Tree

We had a very insightful visit to a school in Dahanu, Maharashtra. They school has around 140+ children coming from nearby villages. The school embraces FOSS and encourages children to be an independent learner.

More information about the school can be found here:


Amazing :heart_eyes:@ravi312 so there is no mentor or teacher there ? Any reason for the name being tamarind tree ?


@michelle can you answer this question? I am sure many want to know why tamarind, why not cheeku :slight_smile:

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Thanks for that Ravi.
We do have “teachers” though their role is to facilitate and encourage someone to figure out how to learn, rather than teach.
Tamarind Tree – the story is simple – the land where the school stands today, was barren 18 years ago… Only an old Tamarind Tree stood tall. The chikoos were planted later. Therefore the name Tamarind Tree !! :slight_smile:


Eager to see the picture of the site with Tamarind tree. Old satellite map will be good thing to look at.

Please confirm if the tree is mapped correctly at OSM:


Yes this is correct. Checked it at OSM… Classrooms and assembly hall visible too. Image prior to 2016 since the main Dining-Kitchen Block not visible.
Did some edits while there!