When all regenerating model systems come together, a lot of our doubt gets clear!

So today we started the with @Theertha CUBE⁩ and how she got interested in Phyllanthus, why do we have Phyllanthus as a model system, what questions we can address with it?

A little about circadian rhythm and theertha also told about from where she got the Phyllanthus from and how she planted them in her homelab and as theertha got disconnected while searching some pictures we went to @⁨Sakshi🌼 Ratnam⁩…

So in last discussion @sakshiconsultant2002 told that she got 30 hydra from @dhanraj.tribhuvan on 25th July and on 26th July there were 66 hydra. Sakshi had a doubt that how can this happen so to answer that she made 3 Single line cultures and discussed how to make such cultures and she showed in picture of it where the hydra looked too small and it wasn’t a good picture so we started discussing about the length of hydra where they talked about @Parab96k1 experiment where he measured hydra and then amputate it

From regeneration in hydra, we went to nail regeneration and discussed about how nail regenerates and misbah explained how nail growth and nail regeneration are different and what kind of stem cells our nails have… Nails have keratinocytes which are stem cells that help nail grow

So we went from regeneration in hydra to nail regeneration to regeneration in earthworms and talked about how wound healing is important, what happens when we amputate an earthworm?

Within 2 days the earthworm will heal the wound causes due to cut then regenerate. Wound healing is very important because if the wound does not heal chances of infection are higher the earthworm might die of infection.

Then we discussed about how we get scar after our wounds are healed and according to me earthworm won’t have a scar as it regenerates and we would have it as we don’t regenerate but @Misbah had some different opinion…

According to misbah when we get a scar because of some small injury like a scratch then even though we heal there is a scar the scar looks different maybe because the cells there are new. And the same type of cells replace the previous ones.

So is it that scar formation occurs due some new cells of which are different from previous cells coming and that why they look different??

From there we went to different types of germ layer we have like in humans we have 3 layers that is ectoderm, mesoderm and endoderm… Again i made a guess that that even earthworm will have these 3 layers and ectoderm will give rise to outer skin, mesoderm will give rise to tissue that’s there below skin in earthworm and endoderm will have all internal organs with ventral nerve cord

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