BFC Session-35 [October 09 2021] Nature of Reality: Abstract vs physical, subjective vs objective, social vs personal! What are the criteria?

In the last session, we chatted on the nature of reality. We wondered if the dreams, memories, ideas like Nation are real? What is their nature of existence? Please check the recording of the session and the discussion in the thread.

Extending this, we will continue our chat live, this Saturday, 09 Oct 2021, from 3-4 pm at webinar

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Sir, What about quantum mechanics ? :innocent::innocent:
Quantum mechanics is not experiment based, it is based only the theory so…
Experiment is real one,
Theory is imagination right???:face_with_monocle:
Can we connect with the discussion in today’s meet???

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An experiment is real, but are theories real? Theories are imaginations, I agree.

  • Your questions remind me of the distinction between truthfulness and reality. Truthfulness is about a proposition or a statement you make. Whereas the reality is about existence. In our case, experiments are real. But theories are statements we make relating things in reality. If they agree with the experimental results, then they are considered true. But this opens up an entire space ahead.
  • Coming back to your question, the correct way to put it is: “Quantum mechanics is not based on experiments, but is entirely theoretical. But what makes them accepted is that they explain what we observe and make correct predictions.”

Now the question for you is what do you think about the theory of natural selection (Evolution)? What do you think about Maxwell’s electromagnetic theory?

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Please find the recording here

We discussed what is real and unreal? @jaikishan @2020ugchsncnseethala @Arunan @Aastha @SachinPradhan @Shivamkumar_Sriwas @SheetalJ @Farhan @Janhvi_deshmukh17 @GN @Sharvay . Missed you @Surjamit

We began with the question on the reality of dreams. We wondered if Nation, a territory for a troop of monkeys are all real or are they just in the imagination? How much of the reality is socially constructed (including historically constructed ones).