BFC Session-8 [Nov 28 2020]

In the last week’s conversation on “What is beingHuman?”, we contrasted being human with other animals and identified certain features like consciousness, imagination, changing nature instead of oneself for adaptability etc. You can see the recording of the previous sessions as well in respective posts.

Please respond in the thread below on what you think about these features about being Human.

And we will continue our chat live, this Saturday, 28th Nov 2020, from 3-5 pm at webinar

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Like the idea of consciousness and brain.
We generally think that all processing is done in brain.
We have three things when we perceive from any object in environment they are as follows

  1. Response (reflex action)
  2. Brain (mind)
  3. Consciousness (aware of surroundings)

So, we consider mind as a supreme but as I am learning and watching some ancient scriptures. I came to know about isha upanishad.
In which in one verse it is quoted like conciousness win the race of perception without running in that race. By staying stable he perceives surrounding. Means if we thought of any object or any entity we can perceive it more faster than light speed. Means we feel that it is all is here we just have to aware of that.

When we get that awarness that it is with us or it can be reach in the moment then we can realike that consciousness is supreme present. Or everything in environment is the projection of consciousness.

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I am also discovering this subject.
It is like we are missing that entity. We have that uncertainty of supreme source.
From that unawares, we go to uncover it, and from that unconvering we will discover.

@palaneprashant, during the session, you were also talking about some examples towards the end. Can you please elaborate on them now?

Also, am looking forward to some readings on multiple perspectives towards being Human. Can all of us (@Surjamit @msakeenah @Farhan @Sharvay etc) find some sources of this?

We discussed at length issues around imagination and ideas in the last session. Stuff you read about these could be potential sources. I too will post some as I recollect any.


I have posted below the main webinar link @karnamdpdurga

Recording of Session-8

In this video, we explore the fault-lines between religion and philosophy touching upon the notion of “God”, as we reflect on the features of being Human. This emerges as we allude to the human capacities of imagination and developing ideas. We end with a need to touch upon the relations between mind brain and culture. May be in future chats, we will discuss these as well.

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