Consciousness- The Omnipresent



You are the Moon, You are the Sun
You are the universe, creator of the big bang you are the one
Every event happening in the universe, you are the responsible one
We are not different individuals, we all are one.

Before I start this topic please read the disclaimer :point_down:

what is consciousness?
What is the meaning of the first part?
Why consciousness is most important in all terms?

Let’s start to understand this topic and experience the depth of this topic.

Consciousness is present in all the creatures present in the universe. Also we can say that only consciousness is present in the universe, all other things of universe are hallucinations.
We are all one every creature in universe are part of ourselves, rather I will say that every living non living object is a part of our imagination. Imagination, yes we have created this world by our imagination. We are in some dream movie now and sad part is we don’t know that or if we know we are not realising our true ultimate state. We and I nothing is real the only real and one present thing in all particles is the consciousness. So, next time when you get something please be thankful to the all beings means consciousness.
So, what is the consciousness?
Consciousness is the state of awakefulness. When we are conscious we are aware our senses and our surroundings.

But how can we relate consciousness with universe?

Universe. What thoughts we have about universe and beginning of universe? For example big bang, planets, galaxies, black hole and infinite space time odyssey.
Do you think this true? and if you think this true then can you travel this infinite space time.

So, my answer is we can travel all space time but the all universe is our imagination it is like projecting our dream. For example if we imagine any new universe it will be created. New Black holes it will be created. So, you have to think consciously and it will be create.

My last words for consciousness and philosophy of spirituality is that we are all one. We are the god, we are the creator, all universe within us. Every part of our body represents every entity present in all religions. So, before any research and any work think about infinite possibilities and show faith on yourself because the ultimate truth in universe in only you.

Watch this to get complete idea about consciousness👆