Introduction to Philosophy- An Online Course


We at Barefoot Philosophers are happy to announce that we are offering an introductory course in philosophy.

The course will commence on February 19th and end on April 2nd.

During this period, there will be classes every Saturday from 11 AM to 1PM (Indian Standard Time).

This course is designed as a basic introductory course in philosophy for those who want to understand the scope and the content of the discipline. Each module will consist of a 2 hour long online class with expert faculty from the Barefoot collective and will have reading material assigned.

The modules which will be taught are-

  1. Senses and Perception

  2. Metaphysics

  3. What is Philosophy?

  4. Logic and Reason

  5. Epistemology

  6. Ethics

  7. Aesthetics

All of the classes will involve considerable amount of interaction between participants as well as the instructor. The classes will address traditional topics, concepts, and the methods of philosophy. After completing this course, participants will be familiar with basic philosophical terms, and would thereby be able to move on to reading or taking further specialized courses offered in philosophy. Readings and course material will be provided after registration. Participants will be encouraged to write for the Barefoot Philosophers website.

Please note that the last date for registration is February 12th, 2022

For more details, please have a look at the poster by clicking below-

The link for Registration and Payment is below-

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The last date for registration is fast approaching (Feb 12th). We also have limited seats. Hurry!