S1E2 Chatshaala: Covidgyan

S1E2 Chatshaala: Covidgyan

I would like to invite all to join CUBE M-ward Webinar to talk about the doubts/ misconceptions regarding Covid-19, and to know more about Corona Virus/Covid-19 outbreak.

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Timing: 08:15 pm to 09:15 pm

Summary of Discussion:
1.The discussion of this session was started by talking about the mosquitoes that’s how do we identify the species mosquitoes or how to prevent breeding of these Mosquitoes? we can also identify the species of the Mosquito on the basis of their biting habit or at what time they bite.
2. Culex Mosquitoes lay eggs on stagnant Water they does survive in low oxygen level water. while Aedes mosquitoes lay eggs in fresh water.
3. Why do more diseases spread in Rainy season? Why these malarial and dengue parasites spread diseases in Rainy Season?
4.Can Mosquitoes or Mosquito’s larvae be killed with soap or soap solution??
5. Can mosquito’s eggs be seen with naked eye??
6.which virus is carried by Aedes Mosquito??
7. Aedes Mosquito’s larvae feed on which bacteria? Or What do they eat??
8. Basic difference between Virus and bacteria?? Which one is more harmful to human being???
9. Commonly all the viruses are harmful to human being but in case of bacteria they are harmful or harmless(beneficial) to human beings, likewise is there any virus that can also be harmless/beneficial to humans???
10.How do viruses multiply??