566th Day of CUBE chatShaala: Giant african snail

We had discussed about how snail was reacting to different touch and what exactly can the process be termed as …here in the video it was termed as sensitization which we concluded that it might not be the right term because we are trying to habituate the snail to the external stimulus that we are providing ( the ear bud). We can term it as sensitization once we provide a more intensive stimulus like an electric shock when it starts to react to the milder stimulus which we initially provided …

Also we came across two different habituations …a temporary habituation stating that the snail once habituated might again start retracting when touched with an ear bud in an hour or so (or may be less than that) also the permanent habituation where the sensitization is taking place in the second case of electric shock

( In simpler words we are saying that the ear bud touch is a type of learning for the snail and it forgets that it has to react once it gets used to it- (short term)but when electric shock is given the snail is said to be sensitized once again that is …it remembers that it has to react to the ear bud when touched- (long term )

Also the following observations were recorded and it is hypothesized that may be after a 10 th touch it might stop retracting at all .


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5th October Chatshaala Discussion:- Today we started the discussion on snails and how we understand Habituation and sensitisation with the response of snail’s tentacle when it is touched multiple time through the video shared by @AnjaniKumar
Then we further discussed about how this touch on tentacle is transmitted to brain or ganglion of the snail. How this mechanism works. As in how an impulse starting from sensory receptor near skin is transmitted to the next neuron and to the next.