620th Day of CUBE chatShaala: Seasonomics




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:sparkles:We had a very interesting discussion starting with observations on mango trees that we recieved from across India in the month of November!

:sparkles: Sprouting is prominently seen in central and North Central region of India like Goa, Maharashtra etc. And Flowering has started as well in these regions!

:sparkles:Some fantastic observations shared by @Seethalakshmy CUBE @Anjali👩🏻‍🏫 from Kerala and Tamil nadu. Flowering and some trees are Fruiting in Kerala and Chennai respectively
Similarly @Neha Rane is sharing her observations from Sindhudurg Maharashtra. Flowering has started their.
@Arunan HBSCE and myself have observed some trees flowering in South Mumbai and Central Mumbai.
We tried to get a pattern if seen in these observations!

Majorly the discussion was focused on how climate change is affecting all these patterns that we observe in trees and animal etc.

:sparkles: increase in number of cyclone in coastal region of India and frequent floods etc can be a indication of climate change.

:sparkles:How did the patterns Started changing from late 1700’s i.e. in midsts of the French and Industrial revolution!
:small_orange_diamond: Increasing Temp
:small_orange_diamond: Increasing life expectancy
:small_orange_diamond:Changing lifestyle
:small_orange_diamond:Better transportation and socio-economical development played a role in speeding up the natural process of Global warming!

:sparkles:Who to be blamed for the current scenario of global climatic conditions? Probably 1st world country would simply thrash it onto the developing nations to limit their fossil fuel usage and emission of gases but are not ready to accept the fact that because of them the world is in midsts of enviornmental crisis!

:sparkles:How the problem that we face on individual level because of changing climate can be conveyed to the authority who plan the global summit and give out action less speeches on International platform?

:small_orange_diamond:Adding Individual opinion would help
:small_orange_diamond: Common understanding on the ways to deliver the problems not just individual but as part of community or society would help
:small_orange_diamond:Who will make the government and law maker aware of the drastic consequences that future generations are going to face and how our future depend on it.

:sparkles: Socio-economical development is for betterment of humanity and we of course cannot that it on yo it but if the development compromise with the needs and fundamental requirements of future generations then that is of no use.
We in the later half of Chatshaala discussed about HORIZONTAL GENE TRASFER with the context of Rotifers and discussed about the story of pagalapos!

Biodiversity at our doorstep i.e. depressions on manhole lids is related with Darwin’s Galapagos Islands! How?

What is Conjugation and how the work of Obaid Siddique and meselson is still important to under various concepts like Conjugation and horizontal gene transfer in Rotifers!

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619th Day of CUBE ChatShaala: 28th November 2021
20 CUBists from 20 Centres had joined the webinar


Ashritha Patta: Visakhapatnam

Sanatan Kumar: Begusarai

Dr P. Chitralekha: DSC, Delhi

Vaishnavi : MHSS, Goa

Hemant Jeevan Magadum: trivandrum
Lakshmy PJ: Kandassankadavu
Seethalakshmi CR: Pazhuvil, Thrissur

Komal Suman Singh: Gwalior

Abhigyan: Sakinaka, Mumbai
Abhijeet Singh: Ulwe, Navi Mumbai
Arunan MC: Breach Candy, South Mumbai
Deepasha Pawakar: Sawantwadi, Sindhudurg
Khan Shaheen: NES Ratnam College, Mumbai
Kiran Yadav: H B C S E Mumbai
Misbah Shaikh: Pune
Neha Rane: Sawantwadi Sindhudurg
Priti Kanade: Mulund, Mumbai*

Anjali Chauhan: Chennai
Aastha Ahuja: Madurai

Shivam Parashar: Ghaziabad

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