623rd Day of CUBE chatShaala: Another Alexander Fleming kind of discovery!




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Yesterday’s discussion started with Pritesh Parab who is from FYBSc Elphinstone college as he observed some flies at his home near a banana peel. Questions that Pritesh had
:question:What are drosophila, are all fruit flies called drosophila
:question:How is fruit flies different from housefly or a mosquito
:question:Where do we get fruit flies from
:question:How to trap and culture fruit flies
Then We discussed about how did I started my culture
:small_blue_diamond: When BPCV (Banana, Potato, Custard apple, Vinegar) media was made and what were the problems that I faced
:small_blue_diamond: How we came up with solutions to solidify the media and carbohydrate rich BPSRV (Banana, Potato, Sugar, Rava, Vinegar) media came in to the picture
:small_blue_diamond: How we got perfect consistency in BSRV media and how do we prepare it
:small_blue_diamond: How much ingredients are needed for how many and what kind of containers
Then we come to some updates As there was no proper updates by my side since mites started getting in bottles
:pen: The flies we’re dying due to mites so I left all the flies out in wild
:pen: I just had pupa and larva left
:pen: On 21st November I transferred ~ 100 larva from bottle F to F1.
:pen: Before transferring the larvae, I washed them with 20% of sucrose solution. By mistake along with larva, some pupa were transferred which turned in fly the next day
:pen: But out of curiosity I opened the bottle and didn’t notice the fly and it flew away
:pen: Also I transferred some fresh flies from D2 to D3 on 25th of November, no larva were treated with sucrose solution (Has normal life cycle)
:pen: I got 1st pupa in bottle on 27th of November in bottle SLBM F1

According to my previous experience usually a 3mm larva will Only take 24h/1d to turn into pupa but here it took about 6 days

:red_circle: MY HYPOTHESIS
“Larval development will get affected if treated with 20% sucrose solution”
:small_orange_diamond: I don’t know if it will also affect the development of pupa or fly too
:small_orange_diamond: Hypothesis :- Treatment of larvae in 20% sucrose solution does not affect the ratel of development as seen by the later stages like pupae and emergence of flies ~ Arunan Sir
:small_orange_diamond: Why did we use sugar only in solution and why not any other thing to was it off like just water or honey and water??
They might drown in water and sugar will give some good density to the water and the larva will float on water
:small_orange_diamond:What is isotonic, hypertonic and hypotonic solution? What will happen if we dip larva in any of such solution

:small_orange_diamond: To confirm if 20% sucrose solution actually affects the growth of larva, we’ve designed an experiment
:small_orange_diamond: Experimental design
:pushpin: In bottle D3, I’ll get new generation fly from 3rd December onwards
:pushpin: On 5th Dec I’ll make 3 replicate bottle namely D4.1, D4.2 and D4.3
:pushpin: On 8th I’ll get 2mm larva in all three bottles
:pushpin: So I’ll wash all larva from bottle D4.1 and D4.2 with 20% of sucrose solution
:pushpin: I’ll keep bottle SLBM D4.3 aside as a control
:small_orange_diamond: Here the larva dipped in sucrose solution have become more thick then the last generation larva
:small_orange_diamond: But why did this happen ??
:small_orange_diamond: Did they took the sucrose inside their body and stored it in their body tissues
:small_orange_diamond: What is osmosis can it happen in here in larva

These points were discussed in last part of the meeting

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