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Summary of yesterday’s (5th December 2021) chatShaala Discussion quoted by @Abhi0703
The discussion started with:-
:white_circle: CUBE Varkala which has formed just 2 days ago has posted some amazing set of observations on Mango trees.
:small_orange_diamond:Why mango mapping is important?
:small_orange_diamond:Is their a pattern that we get to see around the year in mango Sprouting, Flowering and Fruiting?
:small_orange_diamond:Does latitude and longitude play any role in Sprouting, Flowering and Fruiting?
:small_orange_diamond:Which are the Flowering season in Kerala? Does Kerala has 2 flowering seasons?

Summarising the data send by CUBE Varkala.
Data of Sara and Devika:-
:small_orange_diamond:Sara surveyed 20 trees and 8 are flowering.
:small_orange_diamond:Devika survyed 10 trees and 5 are flowering.
I.e. Total 13/30 trees are flowering in Varkala, Trivandrum, which were survyed by Sara and Varkala
44% is the rate of Flowering.

Harikrishnan from SN college Nattika will be getting data of mango trees from his hometown i.e. chittoor and his college i.e Coimbatore.
:small_orange_diamond:Based on her observations, Sara predicted that we could be happening in Coimbatore and palakkad in the month of December. Varkala :- 2°N Latitude, Palakkad:+ 10°N latitude.
:small_orange_diamond: Prediction:- Less number of trees will be flowering
Them we can on to discuss about Statistics and how a reliable data is very important in order to make sense out of it.