640th Day of CUBE chatShaala: How Cellulose acts as food for Earthworms?

In the last session we had the discussion on how cellulose acts as a food for earthworm as Misbah is Culturing earthworms in tissue paper cup cultures where tissue paper is given as a food to earthworm so exactly this tissue paper acts as a food for earthworms “Earthworm- model system to understand human digestive system” and in the previous session we had the discussion on ventral nerve cord regeneration in earthworms, Indeed "Earthworm- model system to understand regeneration"

Below is the summary quoted by @Smiti , Smiti is working on fruit flies she has been maintaining fruit flies single line cultures in her home lab using home made culture medium
How did we come on cellulose from updates on earthworm
:arrow_right: So when @Misbah Shaikh was updating about her cup cultures, sara joined in and we got to know that @Sara Kalamudeen, Zoology has witness earthworms near her area that too twice and she’s planning to culture them
:white_small_square: How will @Sara Kalamudeen, Zoology start her culture
:arrow_right: Sara told that she’ll take a plastic cup and put some holes at the bottom then place some wet tissue papers in the glass with one earthworm and will cover it with cotton cloth
:white_small_square: What will earthworm feed on? Will it eat tissue papers ? What is tissue paper made up of
:arrow_right: So tissue is made up of cellulose
:white_small_square: What is cellulose?
:arrow_right: If you’ll know glucose i.e a monosaccharide (mono - one; saccharide - sugar). So when this glucose makes a long unbranded linear chain of several hundred to many thousands, it gives rise to cellulose.
:white_small_square: How will earthworm digest this cellulose
:arrow_right: So here cellulase gets into the picture, where it starts breaking cellulose into small form that is glucose as it is an enzyme

I joined chatshala around 7 something so Misbah can update us on what happened before I joined
:white_small_square: Also I had a question that do we only get cellulose from tissue paper and if yes then is it enough for earthworm like cellulose is a form of carbohydrates so it may also need some proteins, fats and other minerals right? @Dr. MC Arunan @---- @Misbah Shaikh @Sara Kalamudeen, Zoology What do you think about that…




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640th day of CUBE ChatShaala: 19th December 2021
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