698th Day of CUBE chatShaala: Understanding mutation through sickel cell anemia

Summary of the discussion quoted by @Rati113
Today in chatshala we first discussed about Andaman’s bulbul which are red whiskered bulbul and Andaman bulbul
Then we discussed about difference between mutation and adaptation in which we take example of industrial melanism - white and black moth
That before industrialisation , bark of the trees was covered by whitish lichens, so white moths escaped unnoticed from predatory birds. After industrialisation barks got covered by smoke, so the white moths were selectively picked by birds , but black moths escaped unnoticed so they managed to survive resulting in more population of black moths and less population of white moth.
After that we again came to the example of giraffe the lamarck theory which later on discarded by mendel’s laws of inheritance and weismann’s theory of continuity of germplasm
Then again taking an example of mutation we came to sickle cell anaemia but we have to discuss further that what exactly happened to haemoglobin in sickle celled erythrocytes of human being…?
We want your suggestion on this topic
Thank for every one who join today’s chatshaala




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