706th Day of CUBE chatShaala: Phyllanthus niruri controversy in India

Whiteboard screenshot of yesterday’s CUBE chatShaala (22nd Feb 2022) session. Discussion began with a research question that CUBISTS are addressing with the Phyllanthus model plant that’s intended to reveal the pattern of opening and closing of its leaves and is linked the 2017 Nobel Prize in Physiology or medicines . Discussion ended with a very great aspect of importance of Researcher in Science, how do we verify the authenticity of a literature? As some researchers in India are claiming that they are working on Phyllanthus niruri and also stating the presence of P. niruri in India and on the other hand some literature are quoting that P. niruri does not occur in India. @rati please write your inputs as well, what do you think of it that how do we clear out this problem? Since the different species of phyllanthus have been widely used in medicine so it is very crucial to facilaitat a proper identification and literature review .



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