712th Day of CUBE chatShaala: How can Fruit flies help us to design an experiment?

whiteboard screenshot of yesterday’s (28th Feb 2022) CUBE chatShaala, where we had the discussion on how students can design experiments to verify their hypothesis using fruit fly as a model system.
Summary of discussion quoted by @jaikishan
How can Fruit flies help us to design an experiment? Srujal shared she was trying to trap fruit flies in 3 different places with 3 different fruits.
But this was found to be not a correct way, we need to fix one fruit and catch fruit flies at 3 different places with the same fruit. Or we need to fix one place and catch fruit flies using 3 different fruits.

This way, we learnt today how variables in science are very important and we need to control variables inorder to design an experiment and know the cause and effect in a correct way…
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