A Bouncy egg like a Crazy ball

A Bouncy egg like a Crazy ball

Hello guys a thought came in my mind and I decided to make a crazy ball or a bouncing ball with a egg I had watched some videos on it but still it was a Game of Chance and I had lost two eggs in this experiment and I wasn’t sure about this also
For this experiment you need an egg,white vinegar (not any other vinegar or you won’t get the desired results)and a jar or a mug it is your choice

Now place the egg in the jar and pour vinegar in the jar till the egg dips in the vinegar

Now let the egg remain in vinegar till 24 hrs and then the magic or the chemical reaction would occur that is the shell of the egg that is calcium carbonate gets dissolved in vinegar which reveals the egg membrane which still holds the content of the egg only till it doesnt get squeezed too hard
The chemical reaction equation is:

Now here is a video of this process :slightly_smiling_face:

Here is a video of that ongoing process

Now after waiting for 24 hrs we would get the desired results (wish luck for me)
Now here is the final product ->
A Bouncing egg


And here is a photo->

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So, how will we actually do it @jsr302?

Kindly also share the video of the process.


Sir it is a chemical reaction between the outer layer of shell of the egg which contains calcium carbonate which reacts with the vinegar and calcium carbonate dissolves in the vinegar
Here is a video:


That’s a great project dear.

There is a lot more to learn from this experiment than simply making a bouncy ball. If we look at the ‘Physics’ aspect of the experiment, why don’t you try to find out the following:

  1. Why is a shelled egg less bouncy than this one?
  2. Why would a shelled egg break if dropped form a height but this egg might survive the fall?
  3. Can you actually play with it like a bouncing ball? Why? Why not?

Lets find out the answers @JSR302 @vanshsskp123 @Saksham77 @Pritika


Sir answer to first question is that the shelled
egg is less bouncy or it doesn’t bounce at all than this one because the shell is a brittle substance and hence would break but in this case the hard covering of the egg has been removed and there is porous soft membrane and hence reveals the rubbery texture underneath and doesn’t breaks but if we poke it with some sharp thing the raw materials would come out of the egg membrane


The second answer is that sir that the shelled egg break as when dropped from a height as when the collison occurs the transfer of energy and momentum occurs but the eggs shell cannot withstand the change in the momentum whereas in case of bouncing egg it doesn’t spill its content if the height is not to much but if dropped from a great height it would spill its content as a membrane is only there to hold the content.


The last answer is that we can think of it as a crazy ball but in my point of view we cannot play with it as a bouncing ball as I dont know the consequences and I dont want to make my house messy trying this out