A Eucalyptus tree that isn’t!

A Eucalyptus tree that isn’t!

I have observed many trees like neem, mango, eucalyptus, banyan, pine etc.
Recently I saw a very amazing tree.
At first it just looked like an ordinary mango tree. But on closer inspection I found that eucalyptus branches were coming out of its branches.
I have seen banyan trees and strangler figs growing around tree like in the images below:


But this amazed me a lot:

I searched the internet and found about Inosculation:

But I was unable to find anything that I saw near my home.

This is a mango tree on the outside but inside it is growing a eucalyptus tree.

What I saw defies logic . Where the original branches have broken down, eucalyptus branches have come out. There the branches of eucalyptus are coming out randomly also.
I am not sure where it has grown inside the tree. It is also not clear if the eucalyptus tree grew when the other tree was alive or it grew after it died. Mybe the other tree is also alive but is without leaves.

How can I know if the eucalyptus tree is working as a Parasite?

What can I do to know/ find out more about this phenomenon?

I am wondering if anyone else has seen such a phenomenon involving a Eucalyptus or any other tree. Kindly reply with a photograph and location. Also if you have seen other such trees, kindly share pictures.



Why do you feel that the Eucalyptus tree is working like a Parasite?


I don’t know exactly. I felt so because I thought :thinking: maybe it is drawing nutrition from the other tree.

Kindly help if you know.


Yes exactly!
So you feel that it is drawing nutrition from the other tree.
What made you say that?
Was anything like that sort visible on the tree, which showed that the host tree is being deprived of nutrition!?

If so, we should find references telling us about the type of trees and why this parasitism occurs.


Its roots were not visible.

May be the roots run inside the tree. But how to find that out? Also, the other tree seems dead. No leaves on it.

But in the following case the roots go into the ground:

So I thought maybe it is working as a parasite.