A Projector at Home 📽

Hello everyone a idea came into my mind after watching the film Super 30 where the students make a projector and solve the question with only one book together .This experiment was also done by my friend @vanshsskp123 and it also gave me the idea to do it but also a little differently as in his experiment a magnifying glass was used but in this a ordinary bulb is used

So lets begin :face_with_monocle:

The materials required are as follows :-
*Cutter(box cutter)
*An ordinary bulb
*Hot glue gun
*A cardboard shoe box
*Sketch (for marking purposes)
*Glue,tape or any other material for sticking the bulb to the cardboard (if you don’t have the glue gun available with you)
*Mobile cover (extra if available)
*Extra piece of cardboard
*Double sided tape
Here is a pic of the materials

Now you have to make marking of the bulb on the short side of the cardboard and clear it with the help of a cutter and you have to clear out the bulb by taking out its top part with help of pliers and taking out the filament with a screw driver and the glass part of the bulb holding the filament( please do it in parent’s supervision) .Dispose of the waste carefully

Now the next step is to fix the bulb in that place where we made cut at the short or front side of the box
It will look like this

Now the other cardboard piece would come in handy you have to measure the length,breadth and height of the box (the dimensions of the cardboard piece depends upon the dimensions of the cardboard box and note one thing you have to extend the sides of the piece with a few centimetres on both side so that you can fold it from both sides .Now you have to attach the extra mobile cover on this piece with the help of the double sided tape so that it becomes a stand where we can place our mobile
It would look like this

Now the second last step is that you have to fill the bulb with water which would act like a convex lens (or like a magnifying glass) you can also close the bulb’s other end with a bottle cap so that the water doesn’t spill out

Now here is the final step but for it you have to download an app called video player as to make the video inverted so that after passing through the bulb it would invert its position and look like a normal image
In this case you will notice that if the object is upright the image is inverted so we have to do the opposite

Now place your mobile in the mobile stand we prepared and make the video rotate by pressing the symbol on the top right or the last option at the end like in this given picture

You can also cover the cardboard surface with black chart or paint it with black paint to get better results and now here is the use of the mobile stand that you can adjust it by making it go forward and backward in the box to get the desired results.You can also make the box go forward and backward to zoom in and zoom out(do this in a dark room)
Here is a video :fleur_de_lis:

The video quality is not so good because of my camera

Now I want to share how this projector works with the help of a diagram

As you can see the light source and the imagery medium is the phone whereas the focusing medium is the bulb with water filled in it and the display screen in my case is a white wall

I want to thank @vanshsskp123 for getting this brilliant idea out here and I didn’t steal your project and your idea but I made some improvisations to get better results

If you liked the project please let me know by replying an any suggestions to improve it are invited

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Nice write up dear @JSR302
However, I noticed that the links are not opening. Perhaps you need to change the permissions settings for the link.:point_down:t4:


Also, your parts list omits the bulb itself! I’m guessing you used a clear glass bulb (the documents are still protected while I’m writing), and you should mention that the first item, a cutter, is for cutting glass, as an ordinary box cutter won’t work.


Sir I have fixed the problem but I couldn’t do it before as I didnt knew about it
but now I have done it and you can view it


Sorry for the mistake @vvcstemplay as I was in a hurry i forgot about it and yes you are right an ordinary clear bulb is the one that is required and the cutter is for the cutting of the box
For the bulb I had used pliers to open the top metal part with the terminals and for the filament and the glass structure holding it I had used a small screw .Hope it helps :crossed_fingers: