About the 3D Design category

About the 3D Design category

Hi all!

3D printing is quite popular among the makers’ community. As such, learning software that can help you design models that you can later print is very central to digital fabrication skills.
This section has a collection of project challenges of varying difficulty which are fun to attempt at the same time it will help you hone your design/fabrication skills!

We are focussing on using the following tools ( software )

OpenSCAD - 3D parametric modeler ( FLOSS )


FreeCAD - 3D parametric modeler (FLOSS )


Any other F/LOSS alternative - Blender etc

Free and open-source software - Wikipedia

Happy Modeling!


Hii sir i am tejas from shipur and i know to make designs on printing desing software and if you are ready i will make a nameplate of your name bye #staycoool