About the Help & Feedback category

About the Help & Feedback category

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What is meant by “unpinned for you”? Cant we use regular vocabulary ?

Pin is a regular vocabulary used in design and engineering. Keeping something in your gaze on the drawing board, or a sheet of paper.

When you Pin, the position of the Topic does not change.

When you unpin it is left loose.

Do you have a suggestion for the replacement?

I remember having replied to this thread. But I cannot locate my response yet, even after I use the search facility. This appears to be a bug somewhere in the design of this website. Can someone investigate and fix the problem.

BTW, I notice that there are often two “Reply” buttons. Why ?

One more bug ?

One of them which is close to the context is to reply to a reply. Another is to reply to the original post when the thread was initiated. I will explore if there is way to change the language. Any suggestions?

All your posts are also searchable as well as listed. We don’t erase any post unless reported (by flagging) for deletion. Try once again from /u/drpartha page to locate your message.

Yes I did that. No success.

But that should be worded another way. Suggest “Continue thread” (for the outer Reply)

I’m not able to upload a video which is of the size of 30MB…
How do I do it??

This is what it showed when i had tried to upload the video…