Acid Base Solutions [Part I] [18th August, 2021]

Acid Base Solutions

We tried to explore the concept of acid (strong and weak) and bases (strong and weak) using the Phet simulation.


  1. The pH and conductivity of water, strong acid, weak acid, strong base and weak base.
  2. Why the conductivity is high for strong acid and strong base compare to that of weak acid and weak base respectively?
  3. What is the difference between the dissociation of strong acid and weak acid (similarly for strong base and weak base)? How it affects the pH?
  4. The concept of conjugate acid and conjugate base.
  5. For a strong acid HA if initial concentration of HA is 0.01 M then what will be the final concentration of H^+ and A^- ? What we can say about the concentration range of H^+ if HA is a weak acid?



Collaborators in video resource creation: Professor Savita Ladage, Mursaleen Shaikh, Ravi Sinha, Swarnava Mitra


PhET Interactive Simulations
University of Colorado Boulder