Acids and Bases

Ever wonder why is Lemon tastes Sour ?
Let Me tell You it’s all because of Acids And Bases

Acids : These are substances which have a PH value Less than 7 and Are sour in taste . Lemon Contains Citric Acid that’s why it is Sour in taste .

Base : These are substances which have a PH value Greater than 7 , Bitter in Taste And soapy to touch .

Indicator : Acids and Bases have a Property That they cause Corrosion . Not all Acids and Bases , only which have a approx. less than 2.0 or greater than 12.5 PH .That’s Why We cannot Test All acids and bases by their taste .
Thus We have Substances Named INDICATORS . They Show us whether a Substance is Acidic Or Basic .
Very common Examples are Litmus Paper , Phenolphthalein , Turmeric etc.

I Did the Indicator Test And here are Some Results .

Phenolphthalein Is Transparent just like Water And Remains Same in Acid , While turns Pink Colour In Drop of A basic Solution

Simple :

With Acid :

With Base { Detergent }

See ! Wonderful Colour Change

Neutralisation :
Another Wonderful Reaction ,
When a Acid and A base Meet , A Process Occurs and Salt is formed .

Like :

Hcl (Hydrochloric acid) + Naoh (Sodium Hydroxide) =
H2o (Water) + Nacl(Common Salt)

This was all For Today’s Knowledge , Thank you have a Nice day :grinning: :sunny: