Advanced blind stick

Hey guys , before some months i have made a project that is the advance blind stick . So i would like to share about it to you.
In this project I have used pvc pipe , ultrasonic sensor , aurdino Uno , buzzer , vibrating motor etc.
I made circuit and fixed it on pipe which is about 3ft in height.i have programmed it as when any obstacle will come Infront (from half meter away) of that stick then buzzer will buzz and motor will vibrate. Then the person will know that any obstacle is in front of him.
So friends please suggest me some modifications for it .
Thank you!!


@girasenilakshi, this is a very nice idea and sounds like an implemented model.

Where exactly did you put the sensor on the pipe?

Can you show us some pictures of the design or the prototype of the stick?



@karnamdpdurga i dont have any image of it . I put sensor on the middle of stick

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