About Aikar project
‘I CARE’ is an easy-to-use platform to bridge the gap between the resource probing organizations/individuals and the donation enthusiasts keen to bring a change in society. Individuals can donate/share any type of resources and also meet linked-minded people.

  • Topics: As you enter a particular category, you can see a list of different topics inside. You can go ahead and add a new topic or donation by clicking on the +NewTopic button. You need to fill in some details like title, tags, and description. We also provide the functionality of replying, liking, or flagging previously posted topics.
  • Flag: To ensure legitimacy, the system of downvoting and red-flagging a user is included so that only trusted accounts exist. Also, badges are provided to users as a token of appreciation which reflects their contribution to the noble cause.
  • Sharing: Apart from donating, the choice of lending the resource for a certain time period makes ”i CARE” stand out from regular donation sites…
  • Tags: Tags facilitate the smooth searching of donations and resources. Any newly added donation contains tags like clothes, books etc. that define the type of donation. The seeker can then search using the tags and find all the topics related to those tags.
  • Personal Chatting System: A personal chatting system is also provided where users can interact and collaborate with each other for a good cause.
  • Badges: For every new task like adding a new topic, getting your first like, we provide a wide range of badges to our users

Future Vision: For the future of this project, we look forward to connecting with some NGOs and other charitable organizations. We also aim to incorporate a payment gateway for cash donations. After making this platform accessible, we plan to modify features as per the user reviews.

Team: Vatsal Nagelia, Yashank Garg, Shivangi Garg
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