Air pressure : Simple experiment

Yesterday , Just for Fun I threw A packet Of chips In my Freezer , Then Later The air Inside it was like Dissapered , It was So Thin , Then from being Thin I took Out The packet , Then I came Back With my scissors To cut it , But look
Fat as original Now ,

At room Temperature

In freezer

Know why ???

Let me explain ,

See their is fixed Amount Of air Inside Chip’s Packet And when It is In Freezer , The Air Inside Shrank Because Matter Shrinks when It is Cold And Expands When it’s Hot . Thus , The Air inside Packet Shrank Due to cold Temperature , Now , There Space left Without Any air in The packet , There is Air Outside So it will try to fill Low pressured Area In the packet , Thus Creating Low , Thin Bumps . When The packet is Outside , Air inside Packet Gets At room Temp , which Is hot , Thus Expanding and Filling the Packet Fat Again

Thank You For now ,
See You Later