Alternative Media for Growing Bacteria in Home Labs, CUBE-KB National Meet, Somaiya College

@Enas joined the CUBE National Meet, Somaiya from Tanda, UP through online hybrid mode. She has worked on developing Potato slices as a method to culture bacteria. She has demonstrated using Controls how the bacteria from curd can be cultured on potato slices. The potato which is not streaked with curd will show bacteria which may be contaminants, hence we can find out which are colonies from curd on potato streaked with curd.

Currently several cubists are using Enas’s method to culture bacteria at their home labs and trying to isolate bacteria from different sources such as Milk, Coconut water, etc.

Aditya from Khalsa College is also collaborating with Enas and he explained as many of the steps which we follow in colleg labs to culture bacteria most of them are also being followed with Potato slice media. Adiya is currently trying to isolate bacteria and yeast from soil samples.

@Susanta_Tanti shared that he had tea and forgot tea pot for 3 days to wash, and he found several bacteria and fungus growing on tea/chai medium witout any sugar.

So how can bacteria and fungus be growing on Chai without sugar?

Cubist Mohd Yusuf from Kashmir also shared how they are culturing Tea Fungus on Kombucha Tea.