Amritha's Fruitfly Culture

Amritha one of the active Cubists from CUBE Alathur ,kerala have been working with several modelsystems including Fruitfly, Soil nematodes, Phyllanthus, Nail growth ,Butterfly & Seed germination studies.

Here I am documenting Amritha’s work that she described in Chatshaala Discussions & followup WhatsApp group discussions.

Objective: To trap & Culture fruitflies in Homelab.


Used a fruit ,that was Pomogranate .

Made a hole and kept near the window.

Place :
Amritha CUBE Alathur.

On 4/12/2022 ,Time :12 pm Amritha made a cut into Pomogranate and placed in a plastic box .

Amritha observed larvae on the pieces of Pomogranate .

On the same day 4/12/2022 she observed 6 fruitflies in the same box .

On 5/12/2023 Amritha observed almost 30 fruitflies in the plastic box .

Attaching the audio from Amritha.
Language: Malayalam