Analyzing soundscapes of landscapes

Hi everyone,

I am going to do a project on analysing soundscapes of landscapes, trying to find if acoustic diversity varies with tree cover at local scales. I am going to collect audio samples from areas with three different types of tree cover - areas with high tree cover (resembling a forest), areas with medium tree cover and areas with low tree cover (like an urban area). With some help from Kalpana fellows, I am hoping to collect audio samples from such areas at specific times of the day.

Two of my main research questions are:

  1. How does the percentage and diversity of tree cover affect acoustic diversity?
  2. Which types of sound are most prominent in different areas with varying tree cover?

Following the collection, the audio samples will be analysed using different packages of a software called RStudio to understand their composition and characteristics.

Past studies have tried to find the relation between soundscape and vegetation cover and this study will try to replicate the same using audio samples from different regions of India.

Please share your comments, questions, feedback relating to the project to improve this further.