Anatomy and Morphology of Nail

When we cut the longitudinal section of the Phyllanthus stem we will get the anatomy of it but morphology means how a stem looks through its external features. Similarly, the anatomy of Nail was discussed in Chatshaala. Below is the photo which clearly shows the morphology and anatomy of the Nail.

@sakshiconsultant2002 and @Theertha discussed that, certain morphological characters like Cuticle, Nail body. Lunula and Lateral Nail fold can be seen as external features of the nail. Whereas, on the right-hand side, one can find a variety of anatomical features of the Nail.

The question was is it necessary to know the parts of Nail important to know in order to understand Nail growth/regeneration?
@Abhi0703 explained that, suppose if we want to understand Nail regeneration we need to know structure of Nail, the Nail bed, without which it is not possible to understand the role of the Nail bed, how Nail regenerates. It was also pointed out that even for measuring the mark of Nail, it is important to know the morphology of Nail.
If we understand parts of Nail we can understand what all nail parts are regenerating in a given period of time.