Animation ? Wonder how it works?

When we watch Anything On tv , It’s Not anything Moving , it’s A bunch Of Images Moving . What Happens is When images are replaced By next Image Fast Enough , Our brain Loses the ability To To see Individual Pics , And it creates a Illusion Of animation or say Moving images . I Know u didn’t understood anything , Let me explain

. The human Flicker rate is more than 55 times per second . It means if a light bulb Is flickering at a speed lower than this , We can See The flickering , If it’s higher we cannot see any flickering , it will be smooth continuous light . Our brain cannot detected the exact details in higher speed , thus our brain blends all the images and creates a sort of moving illusion . A animation is made of around 60 fps { Frames per second } . This illusion made a Whole entertainment industry Called animation Industry , Each frame is drawn by a artist , just imagine how many drawings he or she drew or a Movie . Then the images are replaced 60 times per second

That’s how Animations works , thank you