Argument Episode on Understanding Brain and Nervous System ji

Then we entered into the very Interesting session of the discussion .

According to @Misbah and me neurons and nerve cells are the same .But @Ichha had opinion that both are different .According to @Ichha neurons are collectively called nerves .Then also @Smiti had a opinion that neurons and nerve cells are the same .
Also @Smiti tried to analysis the response of touch using hot object
According to @Smiti One neuron is involved in the whole process .
Like Hot object >One neuron > Spinal cord

But i think there are more neurons are there to carried out the transmission of signals.

Then @Tuba tried to explaining about the transmission of signals from one neuron to other .

In this picture we have 2 neurons ,Blue one is the pre-synaptic neuron and Red one is the post synaptic neuron .
In between there is a space called Synapse .Also in axon terminal there is a neurotransmitter which helpful for the transmission of electrical signal to chemical signal and then to electrical signal.@Tuba

Why such complication is there !?

What is the actual process there in synapse !?

According to @Ichha ⁩ there are more neurons ,So these synapse can also check if there any problems in the signal and also there by prevent the transmission .

But according to @Smiti one neuron is enough ,more neurons will cause the delay of signals.Touch response is a reflex action .So sudden response is possible only when there only one neuron that connect to spinal cord.

@KiranyadavR ⁩ also mentioned about the size of the neurons.

Size of the neuron is from several mm to m.

The longest neuron in the human body has a single threadlike projection (the axon), a few micrometers in diameter, that reaches from the base of the spine to the foot, a distance of up to one meter." For axon length of over a meter see Cavanagh (1984, PMID 6144984 p.1284 right column bottom paragraph:) " Length of neuron from base of spine to big to - Human Homo sapiens - BNID 104901

Also discussed about the neurotransmitter acetylcholine,According to me this is a protein but @Ichha ⁩ had a opinion that choline is something similiar to cholestrol. So that may be a lipids .

Yesterday we learned a lot from people who having different concept about neuron and its function, infront of a neuroscientist.

Questions still remaining

What is the actual process there in synapse !?

How many neurons taking part in a nervous system !?

Acetylcholine is a protein or lipid !?
@Smiti @iccha⁩ @sakshiconsultant2002 @Misbah @Arunan @KiranyadavR and others please add your comments


Picture from the Text :Introduction to human physiology by Lauralee Sherwood

Now i am partially agree @Smiti @Himanshu with they are saying in hot object sensation the path is like Sensory neuron to interneuron then in to Muscle .

There are one neuron(Afferent neuron ,efferent neuron & inter neuron ) instead of many …

But this is not true always ;

The efferent pathways of the ANS consist of 2 neurons that transmit impulses from the CNS to the effector tissue.

Examples of the types of functions controlled by the ANS are salivating, sweating, changing pupil size, managing heart rate, crying, and secreting hormones,%2C%20crying%2C%20and%20secreting%20hormones

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Does removal of hand from the hot object involve autonomic nervous system?
The answer is no …
Then you must agree completely not partially
Isn’t it ?

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