Battery 3.6v 1000mAh

What component is it and how is it working ,WhatsApp Image 2020-08-08 at 12.59.41 AM WhatsApp Image 2020-08-08 at 11.33.37 AM


@Farhan, This looks like a battery!

And the red component resembles a Zener Diode! Not sure what it does here!
@jtd or @Ashish_Pardeshi can help.



Ye battery hi hai, mai battery k barey mai nahi component ki baat kr reha hu


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There are 3 wires from the setup. +ve, -ve and wire from the Do35 glass package.
For charging or drawing power we cannot have any device that will inhibit current flow from/to the battery. A nicad cell can deliver more than 3 amps. The Do35 package most certainly cannot sustain more than 500mA. It is most likely a thermistor in a glass pack. But could also be a temperature sensing diode, but very unlikely.
Check the resistance. The resistance can be anything between 500ohms to 5Mohms. Bringing a hot solder iron near while checking the resistance. This will immediately change the thermistor resistance. Thermistors are both NTC (negative temperature coefficient) and PTC (positive temperature coefficient) so the resistance with a heated solder iron near it will cause the resistance to go down with NTC device and go up with a PTC device.If the resistance does not change the device is defective.
Pic of a thermistor

What is the battery voltage?
If the batteries are deep discharged You can trickle charge the battery by connecting a resistor to pass say 20mA current for a few hours. The voltage should rise to at least 1V at which point disconnect and check voltage. You should get a stable 1V for a few minutes. If the voltage starts falling immediately your batteries have internal crystallization causing shorts internally. To remove short connect EACH CELL INDIVIDUALLY to a 5v supply very briefly for a second or two. Do this a couple of times. The 5v supply should be capable of supplying 5A+. If you dont have a 5A capable supply, charge 2-3 1000uF capacitors connected in parallel to your 5v supply. Disconnect from supply and connect caps to battery, this will discharge the caps into the battery with a very high current for a very short duration. Shorted batteries develope a few hair like growth called dendrites that are causing the short. Applying high current pulses cause these dendrites - if there are not too many - to blow and open the internal shorts.
Refer to the link below for a freeze, thaw, recharge and repeat cycle to rejuvenate a NiMH battery. Warning this might not work.



As @jtd also mentioned, yes the encircled component is a thermistor in DO-35 package.

Here is one of the link to buy this type of thermistor.


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Thank you sir, you give me a lot of information about NiCad batteries and Do35, please also share information about lithium-ion batteries and BMS, and how to make BMS for lithium-ion batteries.


According to my knowledge it zener diode which is circled in the battery @Farhan

I have ordered BMS with protection and a buck boost variable PSU with built in voltage and current LCD meter. Expected delivery around 17th.
I also ordered 4 LIPO 2500mAh and 2 3 battery holders.
Once the components arrive we will build a Battery bank.