Beauty of nature- Butterflies

A very attractive creature of earth which attracts most of us but are we really aware how this beautiful butterflies emerged???

here CUBist from differents area observing lifecycle of butterfly on its host plants.

As we know, human and plants releationship is very older since ancient times. Human use different plants in a day to day life for various purpose and one of the famous plants is Curry leaves plants which we used in making curries.
Like human, curry leaves plants is favourite plant of a butterfly known as Common mormon butterfly. on this plants common mormon butterfly lay eggs other than curry leaves plants, lemon is one of the favourite plants. So, @divya think why only this plants but not other plants hence, @divya’s hypothesis that all plants will be egg laying plants for common mormon butterflies.

at a single time, @04872621705 observed 10 Caterpillars from curry leaves plants can it be of same butterfly, Common mormon??? Can evolution play any role here?