Better light a candle, than curse the darkness

Better light a candle, than curse the darkness

Let us do something together, to make STEMgames a better place for all of us. I propose we do a “usability audit” together of the STEMgames website. First let us list out together all the defects and deficiencies we find there. We will take the next steps together. Notice that “together” is the keyword here.

List the issues here:

Navigation Issues

Language Issues

Posting Issues

Discussion Issues

Sharing Pictures

Sharing Location

Other issues (please add details)

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Navigation issue is the most crucial. That this is Wiki and it is here that we need to discuss such issues, too took some trying for me to arrive at.

And is it true that I will get an alert when , let’s say, Partha or some one responds to this. And I will be able to respond to that easily ?

It does take some time but is rewarding at the end. We are not expecting everyone to do this on the very first day.

In the next iteration, we will phase the options available, so that initially they will focus on only one thing.

At the bottom of this Topic you will see “Tracking”. Please click on that and change it to “Watching”. Then you will get alert when someone edits the wiki or replies to this. Also, from your Settings, you can change what should be notified.

How do I attach/ upload a photo?

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Agreed. But can you be more specific so that the exact irritant can be identified and rectified ? YES you can get an alert for all the thread you are interested in. Have to turn on that specific facility when you post anything. Select the right option you want Watching/Tracking/Normal/Muted from the radio button just below (left side) your post.

This all can got sorted by a posting a easier tutorial version because many of my friends are asking for a easier tutorial version which should be flashed just like other app do whenever a person install it in the phone what do you say? @Arunan @drpartha @G_N


We need to do that. But at the same time we need good ideas in how to make the experience simple.

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Use the upload button on your editor, the 10th one from left.

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It would be useful if the Navigation of Topics is categorized and displayed accordingly…

As of now based on my interest if I have to search for biology topics then I have to scroll from top to bottom…

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Biology is not a category. If all the bio topics have a tag ‘Biology’ then you can list topics of them.

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Yes… so let’s do that!

Then it will become easy to browse topics of interest category/tag wise…

This is what I would do if I do not want to miss Biology topics. Go to preferences, select tags, and do the following:

@Arunan uses a smartphone to work. The upload button is right below the editor (first of the two) on the right hand side. The place where ‘here’ appears in the screenshot.

See this reply below:

This is the kind of useful tip that a How-to or FAQ or walkthrough tutorial will make very useful.


Sure, let us develop it.

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YES. That is precisely the suggestion I made some time back.

I completely agree! @bivasnag

Do we have it now? Where? @vvcstemplay

Have we incorporated this yet? @vvcstemplay