भारत की छाप Bharat Ki Chaap

भारत की छाप

Modern science did not happen without insightful contributions of models, media as well as experiences that are codified and curated from various civilizations. The civilizations that contributed directly to modern science include Greek, Arabian, Indian and Chinese. This can be best described as multi-cultural origins of modern science. I am deliberately avoiding the use of the term often used for modern science as western science. Calling modern science as western is a deliberate distortion both by the biased historians from the west, as well as those conservative scholars who deliberately call it western for the fear of loosing their own identities of Indian or Arabian. Considering the rise of conservative voices across the world, and specifically from India, it is a timely intervention by the All Indian Peoples Science Network,AIPSN, that launched chronicles of history of science from India based on a popular TV serial that was directed by Chandita Mukherjee, in the form of a beautifully designed calendar.

The Calendar was launched in an event held in Mumbai and Pune, on 2nd and 3rd of March 2024. The event was organized by AIPSN, Navanirmiti Learning Foundation, Pune Collective in collaboration with several other agencies.

The documentary can be watched from the below link.

More information on how to obtain the calendar, check the website

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