Bipedal robot: a Humanoid by Siftain

@Siftain has tried making a walking robot and today, we had interesting conversations.

WhatsApp Image 2020-09-18 at 13.38.18

WhatsApp Image 2020-09-18 at 13.38.14

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Looking for more inputs from @Farhan, @vvcstemplay, @G_N and others!



But what were they, and what made them interesting?

Can the pictures be edited with labels? It seems as though there are two separate motors mounted at the top — what are they?

I assume the box is mostly a battery and some sort of speed regulator and timer for synchronising the individual legs.

Can the motive mechanisms for each leg (well, just one leg will do) be drawn and labelled? The simple pictures aren’t clear enough, I fear.


Quite accidentally, I came upon Dave Buckley, who’s done a ton of work on studying all kinds of animatronic mechanisms - quadrapeds, bipeds and more.

Simple Walker Mechanisms

His website is from the 1990’s, but there’s a LOT of interesting material there.

Based on his work, I built one of my own - a two servo bipedal walker.

Design files for my version are hosted on this git repo : Minion

The repo has DXF files if you’d like to replicate it “as-is” and the Arduino code to make it walk. There’s also the FreeCAD file to play around with the 3D model.

Happy to answer any questions.



Sorry for not responding earlier.

I just posted it as a place holder earlier.

Basically, we discussed the degree of freedom and rotation, the number of motors needed to move, mechanisms are movement, etc.

We are yet to hear back from @Siftain later.

Will try and edit the images when possible.

@Siftain, can you respond to other questions on what is there in the box, etc?


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