Blog for blog - To create server and monetize

Basic understanding about internet is networks of computer. We search anything on browser we search address of that particular topic on computer i.e. database.
When I created my blog website and purchased domain, I don’t have much idea about this how it works.
Then I realised that when we purchased domain it is just address but the data storage is hosted by other which they charge for the hosting with different plans.
In my case it is blogger and it is free.
Also we have ad system where we can put ad and by advertisement we get paid.
When someone is interested by clicking ad we get money.
But sometimes we don’t have control and the ads become annyoing. Sometimes links of post also not accessible.

the point is to create own server

I know some basic function like mysql, apache, database, GitHub to start server but I want to what are the difficulties and advantages of creating our own server.

If we are paying for someone for hosting, can we make our own server by ourself?
  • Yes
  • No

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Multiple issues mixed up. There is no simple yes or no answer as implied by the poll.

If you want to make money off your website you need huge bandwidth. Ad revenue is based on the number of individual hits a page gets amongst other metrics.
You also require a static ip, intrusion detection against malware, updating, backup - net, power, machine etc.
For a site with few hits these costs are steep.


Can this will be helpful but it needs 1000 members or github repostory