Build a Standalone Anemometer

Build a Standalone Anemometer

Wind is amazing, sometime its a gentle breeze and sometimes it is stormy. Wind is measured in meters-per-seconds (mps), miles-per-hour (MPH), kilometers-per-hour (KPH) or nautical-miles-per-hour (Knots).

We measure Wind Speed using a device known as Anemometer. This instrument which converts the moving air into an electrical signal output that can be measured. There are various types of anemometer available.

What are the different types of Anemometer?

Challenge 1: To Build Anemometer and Measure Wind Speed.

The picture shown below is one type of anemometer called cup anemometer.


Watch this video. It tells us how an anemometer works.

Complete the following challenge to build an Anemometer

  1. Build a rotating mechanism for moving air.
  2. Connect a sensor to rotating mechanism in order to get electrical signal output whenever wind makes it rotate.
  3. Connect the sensor to Arduino
  4. Write a program to measure the electrical signal and display it on arduino serial monitor.
  5. How do you correlate what you measured to the actual wind speed.

Once you are done with all the above task’s report your work done via photos, videos, messages, etc.

Challenge 2: Send wind speed data to

The pictures shown below displays the readings of Wind Speed through widget and graph on the dashboard created in

  • At first use your account credential to log on .
  • On Dashboard use graphs and other widgets to display this data.

Report your work done and achievements through pictures, messages and videos.

While you are making whatever questions you have, whenever you need help, do not hesitate to ask by replying to this topic.

This project depending on your experience may take from 3 days to 2 weeks.

Some References to know more about how to get things done

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Standalone anomometer:we use eraser as an IR sensor. We use pen as a stand. And other pen as a wings. The IR sensor measure the circumference of wings.

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If we want to find speed then we used distance/time. And if we want to find speed of wind then first we find one rotation means circumference. Then we used same formula that is speed is equal to distance means circumference/ time taken.


Making first stage of anomometer


About bearing624ZZ


Finally it’s done