Build your own Electroscope

Build your own Electroscope

Most of us have experienced a shock while touching a door handle specially during winter and some of you may have seen what happens when you rub a plastic scale or a balloon against our dry hair to attract tiny pieces of paper.

Would you like to explore what happens there behind the shock and the attraction of tiny pieces of paper?

To explore this we propose this nice challenge: to make an electroscope.

An electroscope is very simple and crude instrument to detect a charge on an object.

Below is an aluminum foil leaf electroscope build in Gnowledge Lab.

Watch this Electroscope in action.

This is how it has been made.

So the challenge is to build your own Electroscope, play around it and explore the kind of charges and its effect on the leaves.

Also, explore and report the followings:

  1. Try to detect the charges using a scale in different environments such as humid and dry.
  2. Change the aluminum foil leaf with different material leaf (such as paper, different kinds of cloth, plastic, etc) and observe which all materials leaf will work and try to investigate why.
  3. Moist the Bottle from inside and observe weather the electroscope will detect charges or not and investigate why.
  4. Change the copper wire with other conductive material and observe electroscope working.

Report your work done and achievements through pictures, messages, and videos below this post.

While you are making whatever questions you have, whenever you need help, do not hesitate to ask by replying to this topic.

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