Build your own Led Artwork/Ornaments/Crafts

LEDs are fascinating and specially when they emit light, they are used almost in every application. Using LEDs in art ,craft and ornaments is real fun.

Below is the image of micro Christmas tree craft having 5 leds running through 3v coin cell (CR2032).

So the challenge is to creatively design anything such as Ornaments, Badges, Paper art, Craft showpiece which emits light of different colours using LEDs and a small battery. Also figure out what materials (such as card board, metal wire, Ice cream sticks etc) can be used for building LEDs decorative as well as how many and how to connect (Series & Parallel) LEDs with each other on different battery capacity.

Report your work done and achievements through pictures, messages and videos.
While you are making whatever questions you have, whenever you need help, do not hesitate to ask by replying to this topic.

References to know more about how to get things done


Here is my attempt at LED art.


Thats Cool, Creative.