Building an Anemometer using Hall sensor module

Building an Anemometer using Hall sensor module @sahamatha

We are making low cost Anemometer using a Hall sensor. Using this sensor, we can count number of rotations of the wind cup. Here we have used plastic balls as wind cups.
The aim is to use this device to track the wind pattern at the given location for a period of time. The generated data from this sensor will be used to understand the wind pattern. Also, we are thinking how to export this data to spreadsheet and to get real time graph. @Ashish_Pardeshi could you please suggest some tips for this.
Here is a image for the first version of this model:

For video - > Click here


Could the diameter of the rotating fan affect our measurement of the wind speed?

Can we convert this device into an experiment where we attach different fans with varying diameters, keeping all other things constant to check how it might affect the measurement?

I think rotation speed can change w.r.t size of wind cups. We will try to come up with data for rotation speed and diameter of wind cups.

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