Building together the basic

Building together the basic

We recently had our presentation on cardamine and phyllantus… I am happy to get to know a lot of questions as well

  1. How a bacteria get into the flower?
  2. Which flower to use? Will it happens in male flower?
  3. Can we use a bud? How and why the plant will take up the bacteria?
  4. Will it be the bacteria or the plasmid going to travel?
  5. How will bacteria complement it loss of its own plasmid?
  6. Why only agrobacterium? Why only ecoli?
  7. What is there in the solution present in the agrobacterium?
  8. Why only use the marker kanamycin gene marker?
  9. Why kanamycin will be affective to plant? Is kanamycin a marker gene? Or is it a gene of interest?
  10. Which else marker can we use? Why not gfp?

Worked on cardamine only for 2 days we presented this work it was lovely interaction @SudhirVerma and many CUBISTS I am thankful got towards you for this @arun @Arunan @G_N


Its amazing bivas, because of you we are getting inspiration that i want we can do anything :innocent::innocent::innocent:


is Cardamine hirsuta a monoecious or a dioecious flower? @bivasnag please provide the reference to the paper where you read that there exists unisexual flowers.

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