Built Low Cost Incubator , To study chicken Embryo

Built Low Cost Incubator , To study chicken Embryo

Chicken Egg, is readily available biggest single cell for us, so we decided to study it, being a part of Makers Lab, Idea strikes that , we will design and fabricate Portable Incubator…
It is interesting to know that , we observed some irregular movement of the embryo on 8th day, when the egg shell is observed under mobile torch (Bright source of light). Later when assumed that the heart beats are started in the egg, then the matter when discussed with practicing doctor, he said that , those are not heart beats, its called as " Quickening" which is found in 20th week of pregnancy/gestation, in human case.



A simple box 8x6 inch, height about 10 inch, is made from sun board, its very easy to cut and join all the faces of this cube with glue gun. we have used old 25 watt soldering gun as a heater, sandwich small Aluminum plates on both sides of heating rod.
use cheap temperature controller, cost Rs. 180/- and available at Amezon.com or in any electronics shop.
use AC motor Rs. 90 /- for horizontal movement of rotating eggs, we have used very simple idea of transforming circular motion to horizontal motion of tray containing eggs. Use simple 3 volts or 12 volt Internal fan to obtained uniform temperature and humidity in the box. Add water in the tray. Be sure that for eggs to get proper incubate temperate must be 37.8, degrees centigrade.

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21 day, after noon, chicks are ready !
To watch the actual working of this unit, Visit the link below…


Wow, this is fantastic. Where did you get fertilized eggs?


Please share detailed design of your incubator with pictures. Process of making it will be equally fascinating. Thanks so much for sharing this news.

This is real BREAKING News!

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Oh! these are not poultry eggs, in local market, like Near Nutan school vegetable Vendor keep it for sale , any nearby local market we can get it…Trombay is one of the place…


Yes, I have all the pictures and videos, recorded in mobile …I will definitely share it!


Interesting! Photos and description of the fabricated incubator please! Very eager to know bout the feasibility of it in Municipal/Government schools across the country!

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Sir, kindly see the latest edited post, Nice idea!

posted Photos and description of the fabricated incubator please! inform that How we can approach more and more schools …