*Butterflies are true taxonomist and phytochemist*

Yesterday the discussion was started with *Vaibhavi chahri from DHMEPE college Goa *.

Discussion was about the butterfly model system . .
Can we collect the caterpillars from our surroundings !!!
Once Vaibhavi noticed that caterpillars are there in hibiscus plant.
So now she expecting caterpillar are also present in her garden .*According to Vaibhavi , Mother butterfly is sensing the host plant *.
Also discussed about Phyllanthus plant and the associated caterpillars.

*Can we make a quick search for phyllanthus plants nearby and look for caterpillars * !!?

*Do we have a experimental set up for observing sense of smell in caterpillars * !!!

Yes we have!!
Later we discussed about the Caterpillar story @sakshiconsultant2002 @seema .@seema Got caterpillar from corn .

*According to @seema caterpillars are sensing food by smell or touch * .
Later @seema made an great experimental setup for observing sense of smell in Caterpillar .
Paste of Cabbage ,corn were used .

In Control, placing the water drop on both sides in 5 cm apart .
Test include :
For that she take the drop of paste of cabbage and corn ,place those droplets 5cm apart from caterpillar one above and other below .
Placing one drop of corn in above and one drop of water in below.
Please add the details of your experimental setup including why cabbage,corn etc.!!! @sakshiconsultant2002 @seema and others
How caterpillar sensing it’s food !!!
We can continue the discussion here!!!

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