C, here's the thing

What is the speed of light (the value of c), and why are we so sure that it is a true and immutable value?

Apparently, the fact is, it is true because we say it is. Einstein pointed this out in 1905, and called it a convention, and we still have no perfect way to say it is true because it is true, and not because we say it is.

We have no demonstrable way to establish that it is a hypothesis, and that our repeated measurements and observations point to it being an established theory.

Derek Muller explains the problem in this entertaining and thought-provoking video, part of his series called Veritasium.

But can a way be found? It’s worth a conversation, and sparks of ideas for creating real doable experiments.


What I take home from the video is “it doesn’t matter”. All the principles of relativity, whether of Galileo or Einstein, say the same thing. When we always measure the two-way speed, it doesn’t matter. And this seems reasonable for me, so I think it is good to assume that this method is dependable in all frames of reference.


Is it true that before publishing research of theory of relativity in 1905, swami Vivekananda and Nikola Tesla was working on it from 1897 but Tesla fail to explain mathematical proof.
I have one article of new york vedanta in which it is presented about this event and it also in complete works book.

Can we co relate this article.

And I agree with this it is like Einestein only presenting his view but not evident experiment.
Might be paper will help because Tesla also also failed to proof mathematically when swami Vivekananda wrote a letter for demonstration
His worda are

Mr. Tesla thinks he can demonstrate

mathematically that force and matter are reducible to potential energy

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He didn’t need to conduct an experiment again, he was critiquing earlier experiments that had already established a fairly good value, and pointing out the flaw in their design, because it is a fundamental flaw that plagues any such design.

My purpose in bringing this to the attention of chatShaala participants is not to repeat this, because then I’m only repeating what other science enthusiasts are already saying very well. Rather, note that no one has been able to find a credible solution, and the solution must, by definition, be a maker project. So it is up to makers to give this some thought, and to find a way to establish in some practical manner whether light velocity is independent of direction, and is therefore truly an absolute value in our universe.

Of course, since we can’t presently figure out any way in which this matters to us, as @G_N has pointed out, it seems academic. However, the video does point to the reason why the resolution of any scientific fallacy is, in fact, important, and this one might very well turn out to be the foundation for a Grand Unified Theory, nothing less.

I think it could be fun to have a lot of young minds thinking about it.


My reason for showing that article is also same.
I think their must be one theory which can derivate the whole space time structure and dimensions. We have to also consider some @G_N @vvcstemplay BAREFOOT CHAT to discuss this.
Because we are discussing the subject which regulates the universe. And if we find that subject which drives all objects we can get closer to absolute theory.
The theory of uniqness and unity one. Sharing the full article of new york vedanta.

Swami+Vivekanandas+Search+For+A+Mathematical+Demonstration+Of+The+Unity+Of+Existence.pdf (132.7 KB)

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