Can donate lowland Nepenthes seed, if someone wants to design an experiment

Can donate lowland Nepenthes seed, if someone wants to design an experiment

I have a new batch of seeds coming in. if anyone wants to conduct an experiment with recording germination and conditions, etc I am happy to donate some lowland seed, which will grow in our climate without too much temperature and light adaptations needed - good growing will still be required, as for all plants.

This is an informal experiment with highland nepenthes seeds. I was hoping we can create something similar for lowland species. maybe one species or so for now, then if we are able to do this well, we can record conditions for multiple species.

That said, it is extremely difficult to do controlled experiments with nepenthes because:

  • very slow growing rate
  • many factors influencing germination
  • extremely variable viability and seed longevity is also a matter of some dispute among experts.

So it becomes quite hard to raise a control group or even large enough numbers of plants at similar stage of growth for testing.

I am open to ideas and can give around 30 seeds of Nepenthes albomarginata, Nepenthes gracilis and Nepenthes bicalcarata when they arrive. I am open to purchasing larger numbers of seed of Nepenthes ampullaria and nepenthes rafflesiana (also lowlanders) as well as these - subject to availability - to donate for the experiment if we can come up with a good experiment design that requires greater numbers of seed.

I can bring over seed, I can help with basic sowing/growing information, but I cannot be present at the CUBE on a daily basis. I can at best visit once or twice a month - more likely less often, as I don’t come to the city frequently, so this can only be done if someone present at the CUBE wants to take the initiative. I am, however, available to consult via chat, phone, or video hangout at any time and looking at photos of what is going on will often be enough for giving advice if there is trouble.

I have your back, if anyone wants to take the effort and risk.


Could they germinate on top of tree trunk with sufficient ferns around? We can try this experiment. Tomorrow I will share the pucture of the tree trunk that is conveniently placed for growing some epiphytes.

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Honestly, I have no idea. I have not heard of anyone trying to grow them like that. The nepenthes growing epiphytically in the forests probably start off on the ground with lower parts of vines dying off or getting cut/damaged with time and they appear to manage fine on the ambient humidity and water collected in the pitchers. Though it isn’t out of the realm of possibility that seeds germinate epiphytically on tree mosses.

The norm is to grow them in small pots. Nepenthes grow slow and can take a year or more to reach an inch in size (they do get faster after their second year) The seeds are less than half an mm thick and a few milimeters long and blow very, very easily with a breeze when dry. In fact when opening the packet to sow, it is easier to even switch off a fan to avoid scattering the seeds. Newly germinated seedlings are a couple of milimeters in size.

When wet, they will stay in place, but keeping them wet may be tricky on a tree. Not to mention monitoring long term. Still, it may be interesting to see what you have in mind. If there is a suitable tree, why not.

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