Can Moina grow in Mineral Water Bottle?

Is Mineral bottle good for Moina to grow? Can Moina grow in Mineral water bottle or will it have chlorine? Really interesting question to pursue as an experiment.

Today @_Seema_11 and @sakshiconsultant2002 discussed about experimental design to check if Moina can grow in Mineral water bottle.
The experiment has 10 Moina in two bottles with 500ml Mineral bottle each and 10 Moina in one control bottle with normal 500ml dechlorinated water. The bottles will be fed with one drop of milk/curd daily.

Moina is expected to grow in DC water, which can be compared with Moina in Mineral water bottles.
The experiment will help us to know if Mineral bottle has any chlorine or any component which doesn’t allow Moina to grow?

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