Can Nematodes degrade Cellulose?

Today a very interesting discussion on Horizontal gene transfer, as we all may know many nematodes affect the plants and damage plants. The plant cell wall is made up of cellulose. So the question came how does Nematodes degrade cellulose?
@shalinisharma98 explained that nematodes feed on bacteria, there is literature which says that nematodes attained cellulose degrading enzymes by Horizontal gene transfer from bacteria.
These cellulase enzymes are responsible for breaking the cell wall of plants and cause plant infections.

Following is the potato medium experiment designed inorder to culture and isolate single line of nematodes.
@shalinisharma98 has collected the soil sample from Hyacinth plant soil and Mustard field to isolate nematodes.

We can expect to find nematodes as these nematodes may be harmful to the plant. Also we expect to find the cellulase enzyme produced by these nematodes. How can we test the cellulose degradation in Home labs?

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