Can we use hydrogen as a fuel for automobiles by using water?

Can we use hydrogen as a fuel for automobiles by using water?

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Hydrogen as a fuel is one of the cleanest Fuel,
Because the byproduct is only water, when hydrogen is combust with oxygen. But the problem is effeciency creating hydrogen by water require energy.

By electrolysis of water one can produce hydrogen.
But it need a setup for extraction of hydrogen and storage of hydrogen. Again in automobile hydrogen is needing in large amount, so we also need a compresser.

So in automobile it will compromise with:



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What other methods can be used to generate hydrogen?

Do hydrogen powered vehicles exist?

If they exist Which company is making them?

What is the process they use for generation, storage, use as fuel?

Yes, the hydrogen powered vehicle exist

I think hundai and Toyota are already using this.
They confirm use hydrogen. But don’t know the exact process. Like there are two ways to use hydrogen.

Internal combustion

Fuel cell

They use hydrogen form fossil fuel I guess

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Here is one

The fuel cell use the hydrogen as fuel and generate electricity.
We have to find the source of hydrogen. As main question was producing hydrogen by water

Carbon Nano tubes. Can they be used for electrolysis since certain types of such nano sheets show extrordinary conductivity.

Interesting!:+1::+1: I don’t know much about carbon nanotubes used for electrolysis. As I only know producing carbon nanotubes are supercostly. Let’s initiate a discussion and gather more information about carbon nanotubes.

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SWCNT, MWCNT layered with chalcogenides placed on top of a water column.